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Area nature

Geese observations
on January 16, 2017
at Groß Vielen / City Penzlin
The foundling on the bypass road near Trollenhagen
Area churches  Supplement Jahn-Chapel
Klein Vielen
Landeskirchliche Gemeinschaft
(Ecclesiastical country Church)  Neustrelitz
Farewell to pastor Angelika Finkenstein
retired on 29.01.2017 in the church Möllenhagen
Cemetery Chapel
Church Zierke
city Neustrelitz 2017
Church Podewall
Community Trollenhagen 2017
Freelance Community Neubrandenburg
Bell Karchow
Church Sophienhof
city Loitz VG
Church Schmarsow
community Kruckow VG
Church Hohenbrüssow
community Alt Tellin VG
Church Gorschendorf 2017
Church  Leppin
community Lindetal
Area building Mausoleum of the family Buttel
at the cemetery in Neustrelitz
Manor house Leppin
Community LIndetal
Area monuments Wooden cross on the
cemetery Hartwigsdorf
municipality of Klein Vielen
Memorial world wars
In Dammwolde
community of Fincken
Memorial stone
700 years of Trollenhagen
German Soldier's Girdle
In Trollenhagen
Memorial Kambs
Municipality of Bollewick
Memorial stone for
Soviet soldiers
In Karchow / Municipality of Bütow
Semi-milled obelisk in Leizen
on the B198
Milestones at the B103
from the land border
to the B198 at Stuer
Great Steers
In Neu Stuer 2017
at Rogeez / municipality
of Fünfseen on the road L206
Round milestone
at Penkow B192
Dutch mill
parking Borrentin
Megalithic grave
and giant bed
Kruckow 1 on the B110 VG

Memorial Sophienhof
city Loitz VG
Signposting obelisk Kruckow
Branch B110 DM27 VG
Musician-Memorial stone
in Schmarsow
municipality of Kruckow VG
Stone on way at Osten
municipality  Kruckow VG
Clemensstone im Ostener forest at Schmarsow
municipality of Kruckow VG
Stone on way
Alt Tellin VG
Dutch mill
Alt Tellin VG
Stone on the way  Hohenbüssow
Community of Alt Tellin VG
Stones on way
in Bartow/Vorpommern
Earth dutch mill Letzin
municipality Gnevkow
Earth dutch Mill
in the Agroneum Alt Schwerin
Memorial I. World War
Soviet memorial
in Burg Stargard
Soviet forced laborers
grave in Lapitz
municipality Kuckssee
Area places
Area culture
Area poetry
Straw dolls Straw dolls to 2008
 Straw dolls from 2009  

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