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Area nature

White Easter in Möllenhagen
on 01.04.2018
Walk on 05.04.2018
in the meadow Möllenhagen
Walk in Usadel
municipality Blumenholz on 19.04.2018
The spring in the meadow
from Möllenhagen
Boat trip on  lake Tollese
and lake Lieps on 09.08.2018
Walk Klein Plasten to railway km-stone 122/1
Walk in Marihn
on 08.09.2018
Area churches  Ordination of
Pastor Julia Radtke on 25.02.2018
in the church Möllenhagen
Worship and community festival  to Johannis 2018 in MöllenhagenSeniors-Tour lake Tollense and lake Lieps on 09.08.2018
Reformation worship on 31.10.2018 in Penzlin
Area buildingFormer Railway
Station Mallin /

City Penzlin
Area monuments Addition wooden cross
cemetery Hartwigsdorf
Round milestone at Sietow
Memorial stone  I. world
in Usadel
Memorial stone 700 years
from 2010 in Usadel
The Eugen-Geinitz-view
about Usadel
Round Milestone
at Sadelkow-Extension
Round milestone
at  Cölpin B104
Memoral stone
in Cölpin
Wrought Cölpin
The wrong one DR-Milestone at
Klein Plasten-Rundling
The railway kilometer of  stones of the DR at the train-station MöllenhagenMemorial obelisk
for the victims of fascism
near Neustrelitz station
Round milestone
junction Below/City Wesenberg
on the B198
Boundary- / road stone at the 
bridge of Mildenitz at Karow
on the B192
Rectangular milestone
at Neu Damerow on the B192
 district  Ludwigslust-Parchim
Horses road roll
in Waren/Müritz
Area places Dargun Sietow 2018 Cölpin 2018
Area cultureVillage feast in Möllenhagen
on 07.07.2018
Procession  of the village feast in Möllenhagen on 07.07.20183rd trek meeting on the Koppelhof in Klein Plasten round on 25.08.2018
Area poetry  
Straw dolls Straw dolls to 2008
 Straw dolls from 2009  

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