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Area nature

Geese observations
on January 16, 2017
at Groß Vielen / City Penzlin
Area churches  Supplement Jahn-Chapel
Klein Vielen
Landeskirchliche Gemeinschaft
(Ecclesiastical country Church)  Neustrelitz
Farewell to pastor Angelika Finkenstein
retired on 29.01.2017 in the church Möllenhagen
Cemetery Chapel
Church Zierke
city Neustrelitz 2017
Area building Mausoleum of the family Buttel
at the cemetery in Neustrelitz
Area monuments Wooden cross on the
cemetery Hartwigsdorf
municipality of Klein Vielen
Memorial world wars
In Dammwolde
community of Fincken
Area places
Area culture
Area poetry
Straw dolls Straw dolls to 2008
 Straw dolls from 2009  

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