A admonitory foreword at the present time:

The Last Supper was a meeting of all faiths,
whether Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindi, Budisten, animist and ...!

And Jesus would say today: violence, hatred,
Greed for money and power, the disregard of the nature of other faith
but also humanity die with the death of the earth !

The globalization but also the fear of war, violence and poverty
Calls paying attention, thinking, listening and understanding
the others, the other religion, not the giving up of one's faith.
Nobody has the right Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or other saints
destroy or things of any religion to insult or denigrate.
God knows all paths and religions to him,

God knows all the names that man has given him.
God gave people the diversity of religions,
so that they respect the other religions and understand. God loves diversity.
No one has the right to kill in God's name.

Peace to all men.
   Violence always means: There are only losers!