Urban fortifications with ramparts

Many cities in Mecklenburg had a rampart with a city wall. Today there are hardly any remains of a city wall, for example, Malchin the city gate. The walls disappeared in the enhancement of all places mostly complete. The city Penzlin has remains of ramparts and the ramparts. Almost completely is the rampart in Neubrandenburg with its four large gates.

City rampart

City rampart

The stone gate and
the Kalensche gate in Malchin

Das Anklamer Tor
City gates
and ramparts
Friedland / Mecklenburg

and Demminer gate

Ramparts and gates
Fürstenwerder municipality Nordwestuckermark / Brandenburg

City rampart Woldegk
Powder Tower and
Luisen-gate Demmin

Rostock and Malchiner gate
in Teterow distr. Rostock