Monuments in the  Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte

Archaeological monuments
are as Tumuli,
Ruins, tower hill.

Nature monuments are: trees and groups

Burgruine Ankershagen
Ruined castles
and Tower Hill
(From 12th century)

Megalithgrab Bollewick
Hill, megalithic tombs and
sacrificial sites

Rillenstein Mollenstorf
Grooved stones

Klosterberg Broda
Monastery radicals
monuments floor
Wallanlage Neubrandenburg

Industrial monuments
and cobblestone streets
Baumgruppe Friedhof Alt Schönau
Natural monuments

Miles, way, bounce,
Path stones and street houses

Wallrest Penzlin
Slavic ramparts
Gedenkstein Möllenhagen
Memorial stones, war grave
and monuments

Manor houses, Castles
and more
Der größte Findling Norddeutschland
Boulders and stones
of glacial