Slavic ramparts

The time includes the time between 500 and 1100 of our time. Up to 500 the Müritzregion was inhabited by Germanic tribes. During the period of the great migrations, these coated west behind the Elbe. Slav groups could settle in the area east of the Elbe. Only in 1200 the territory of the West was settled again. Many names and place names are of Slavic origin. So are endings on -ow, -tz, references to Slavic names. But names like Jabel based on a Slavic origin.
Names ending are -Hagen German settlements such as Ankershagen.

The Christianization was at 12th and 13th centuries still partially under the Slavic prince.
Important tribes in the present territory of Mecklenburg were Obodrites (Obodritenring in Schwerin)
Toll Waldensian to Neubrandenburg with the sanctuary - Rethra - near Neubrandenburg.
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Koppelberg Möllenhagen


Bei Clausdorf am Varchentiner See

Im Englischen Garten Werder bei Penzlin
Wall- and weir

Nördlich von Penzlin
Wall at Penzlin

Wall castle
on the island Feisneck

Castle wall Kastorf /
Municipality Knorrendorf

Castle wall Wildberg
Kastorfer on the eastern shore Lake

Castle wall on the island
in the Kastorfer See