Natural monuments along the way

The area of the Müritz circle is rich in natural monuments.
Oaks and other characteristic trees and groups were placed under protection.
Please enjoy the art works of nature
but carve no art in the trees.

Baumgruppe bei Luisenfeld

English oak group

Rast am Gerichtsberg Schloen
On court perg (Gerichtsberg)

Auf dem Friedhof Alt Schönau

Oak trees in the
  Cemetery Alt Schönau

at Kittendorf

Reuter oak
in Stavenhagen

Settlers oak
Klein Plasten /
Municipality Groß Plasten

Trees at the
Old Post Road Schloen

Avenue from linde by
Torgelow am See

Three Sisters Avenue near Gessin community Basedow

Kron-oak  at Minzow
municipality Liezen

The "Unequal sisters"
Wustrow / city Penzlin

Avenue chestnut
when Moltzow cemetery

Oak in Lüttenhagen
local community
Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Oak in Lüttenhagen
Linde in the cemetery
Municipality Groß Miltzow

Summer lane in Speck
 municipality of Kargow