Historical mile-, travel-, Km-, boundary-stones
and curbstones in old Mecklenburg and Vorpommern.

The following pages are milestones emerged with the help of information from the research group e.V.. Further information is available from the Forschungsgruppe Meilensteine e.V.
At this newly established district Mecklenburg Lake District
belonged to 1870, the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Friedland / Mecklenburg on Neubrandenburg to Wesenberg
and Mirow and the border with Brandenburg.

The Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, of Penzlin to western Kreisgrenze Vollrathsruhe,
Malchow / Mecklenburg, Röbel / Mecklenburg until Wolde in Stavenhagen and space
Dargun as border Vorpommern.

Vorpommern: with Demminer region and around Altentreptow from Reinberg-Wolde and until Malchin.
(The area Demmin and Altentreptow belongs ecclesiastically still after Vorpommern).
In addition, the 7 villages around Zettemin, also called Seven Sisters,
in Stavenhagen as vorpommersche enclaves.

Mile-, half miles- and KM-stones of the region

Milestone Dewitz
at Burg Stargard

Milestone in Peckatel
Municipality Klein Vielen

Milestone and Wegenstein
Franciscan monastery

at Teschendorf
at  Burg Stargard


Milestone Weitin/
city Neubrandenburg

Half milestone at Weitin
city Neubrandenburg

Perforated milestone
Bearing Regional Museum

Milestones B108
Waren / Müritz to border district
direction Teterow

Milestone B 192
between Möllenhagen
and Rockow

Milestones Kleinplasten /
Municipality Groß Plasten
Branch B192 / B194

Milestone Mittelhof
in Kittendorf B194

Milestone in the forest
of Schmachthagen

Milestone in Marihn /
city Penzlin

in Jürgenstorf
Richtung Ortsausgang Stavenhagen nach Neubrandenburg
Half milestone
Meilenstein  an der Ampelkreuzung Stavenhagen stadteinwärts
Milestone Stavenhagen
traffic lights
Meilenstein Einfahrt B194 zur B104 Stavenhagen
B194 to B104

Full milestone Galenbeck
Municipality Ritzerow B104

Ritzerow B104

Milestone Rosenow

Am Wiesengrund

Milestone in the
Reeck-sewer Bridge
Waren / Eldenburg on the B192

Milestone in Sembzin
community Klink
at the B 192

Half milestone
in Chemnitz
  municipality Blankenhof

Full milestone
Municipality Knorrendorf

Half milestone Kleeth
Municipality Knorrendorf

in Mirow road

Half milestone
of Stavenhagen
to Malchin B104

Full milestone of Scharpzow
City Malchin B 104

Small milestone
at Duckow
  B 104

Small milestone in Kölpin

Round milestone
between Robel and Bollewick
on the road L 24

Round milestone
south of the intersection B 198
on the road L 24

Milestone on the border
to Brandenburg
on the regional road L24

Milestone close
Motorway Malchow City
on the B192

Milestone between Alt Schwerin
and glassworks near campsite
am See on the B 192

in Nossentiner Hütte
Highway L 20

Milestone between
Weitin / Neubrandenburg
and Chemnitz
Municipality Blankenhof on the B104

Round milestone Zinow
municipality Carpin
on the B 198

Round milestone at the junction
after Holldorf, Rowa
in Burg Stargard

Round milestone

Full milestone
at Darze / municipality Altenhof
B 198

Milestone in Neu Grüssow
Municipality Fünfseen

Miles Obelisk
at the junction
to Demmin at Burow

Milestone in Klempenow
municipality Breest

Milestone in Bützow
City Altentreptow
L 35

Milestone in
Japzow / community Wolde L 273

Milestone at Hedwigshof
Municipality Daberkow L35

Milestone Drewin
City Neustrelitz B96

Milestone Bredenfelde-Expansion
City Woldegk B198

Kilometer stone Gädebehn
Municipality Knorrendorf
at the B 104

Kilometer stone
at Klein Helle
Municipality Mölln on the B104

Kilometer stone bei Seedorf
Municipality Basedow
an der L 20

Kilometer stone at Basedow-Höhe
at the  L20

Kilometer stone bei Kleeth
Municipality Knorrendorf at the B104

Kilometer stone in Chemnitz
Municipality Blankenhof at the  B104

Milestone at Ollendorf
Municipality Möllenbeck on the B 198

Milestone in Canzow
City Woldegk on the B 198

Woldegk B104
Big round milestone
Feldberg at the L34

Milestone and road roller
at Demmin L27 and L271

Demmin Vorwerk L27

Utzedel L271

Two milestones
Letzin settlement L271

Zero point the milestones
market Neustrelitz

The road and Obelisk
the broken milestone
in Hohen Demzin B 108

Milestone in Grambzow
Municipality Hohen Demzin B108

Milestone between
Alt Sührkow and Groß Markow

Half milestone
at Kämmerich
Municipality Altkalen L201

Milestone at
city Malchin on the L 20

Milestone in Pisede

 city Malchin

Half mile Obelisk
Wagun-Schwarzenhof L20
city Dargun 

Full milestone
New Pannekow L201
municipality Altkalen

Half mile Obelisk
City Gnoien L201
Small Obelisk
in Gnoien - East B110

Small Obelisk
at  Finkenthal B110

Quite miles Obelisk
in Sukow-Marienhof L23
Small Obelisk Thürkow

Big round milestone

in Rowa / community Holldorf MST 25

Milestones and Stones on the way
to Medrow

Municipality Nossendorf L27

Smallobelisk and stone on the way

Nossendorf-Ausbau L27
Small obelisk Wotenick
City Demmin L27

Small obelisk
to castlerampart Dargun B110

Small obelisk
house for Droste
Dargun B110
 Small Obelisk
at the entrance of Deven
City Demmin on the B110

Small Obelisk
between Zarnekow
And Remershof on the B110
        Semi-milled obelisk
in Leizen
on the B198

Milestones at the B103
from the land border
to the B198 at Stuer

at Rogeez / municipality
of Fünfseen on the road L206

Round milestone
at Penkow B192

parking Borrentin

Round milestone
city  Wesenberg

Round milestone
city  Wesenberg

Round milestone at Sietow

Round Milestone
at Sadelkow-Ausbau

Round milestone

at  Cölpin B104
Way obeliske

Miles obelisk
Sietow-Taun Knornpunkt

Stone on the way
in Penzlin

Miles Obelisk Bandelin VG
branch Vargatz L35
Rechte Wegesäule
Two-way column on
branch Kastorf
Municipality Hohen Demzin

Milestone and welcome Obelisk
Municipality Hohen Demzin

Signposting obelisk Kruckow
Branch B110 DM27 VG
Paths stones

Paths stones and other
stones in Basedow

Signpost stone
at Bredenfelde
at Stavenhagen
Grenzstein Krummsee L 203 bei Stavenhagen
Directory stones
municipality Jürgenstorf

Landmark / Stone on the way
city Penzlin

Signpost stone
Großen Luckow
municipality Dahmen distr. Rostock

Signpost stone
Municipality Dahmen distr. Rostock

Stone on the way
 in Klempenow
municipality Breest

Stone on the way Stolpe
municipality Möllenbeck
B198 L331

Stone on the way 
B198 L34

Stone on the way at the L27
at Loickenzin 

city Altentreptow

Stone on the way at Sarow
at Demmin

Stone on the way at  Gatschow
municipality Beggerow at the L27

A guide to the Old School
Törpin / community Saarow

Stone on way at Roidin
municipality Utzedel

Stone at the way Fahrenholz
Municipality Kriesow DM 37

Paths stones in Seltz
on the L272

What am I ? Stone on the way
or rest of a monument
Röbel City Park
Stone on the way Burg Schlitz
municipality Hohen Demzin

Stone on the way at Moltzow
Old Highway  

"Alte Plauer Landstraße"

Stone on the way  in Hohen Demzin
after Nienhagen

Stone on the way In Hallalit/
municipality Vollrathsruhe
after Langhagen

Stone at the  roadside
municipality Utzedel

Stone on the way  at Alt Plestlin
(Old Plestlin) at the DM24

Stone on way 
at the roundabout
bridge over the Peene Demmin
L27 / B194

Stone on way
city Demmin at the L27

Stone on way
municipality Siedenbrünzow


Stone on way
at Osten
municipality  Kruckow VGP

Stone on way
Alt Tellin VG

Stone on the way  Hohenbüssow
Community of Alt Tellin VG

Stones on way

in Bartow/Vorpommern

Stone on the way
at the crossroads in the
Grammentiner Forst
  Community of Grammentin

Stone on the way at the
Chamber canal bridge

Stones on way
  Community Hohenmocker

Stone on the way at the church
In Lärz at Rechlin
Curbstones and Others
Radabweisersteine wurden früher auch Prellsteine genannt
Wheel deflector stone Lübkow
city Penzlin

Franciscan  monastery

Curbstone  Penzlin

Wheel deflector stone
Vielist community Grabowhöfe


DDR streets Kilometer-stone
in Chemnitz
Municipality Blankenhof on the B 104
Border- and hunting stones

in the forest of Lankwitz /
municipality Schwinkendorf

at Pinnow Stavenhagen

at  Meierei Torgelow am See
Jagenstein 31
Hunting stones between Waren Müritz
and Kargow railway station

Landmark at
Japzow / community Wolde L 273

Landmark in Breechen
City Gützkow VG


Landmark at the L341
at Göhren / city Woldegk

Hunting stones in forest
of Hinrichshagen city Woldegk

Customs House Göhren
city Woldegk

Boundary post Göhren
city Woldegk

Hunting stones between
Goods / Papenberg and Federow

Landmark Sapshagen
municipality Klocksin
 Old  Customs House Feldberg
Feldberger  Lakelands

Landmark between Duckow
and Scharpzow / town of Malchin
Chaussee houses
Houses along the road district

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
Surveying stones from 1853-1860

Surveyingstone, stone on the way 
Siehdichum city Penzlin

at the obelisk Penzlin

Surveyingstone cemetery

Responsibility for the stone shapes - and species!