Megalithic tombs and barrows in the Mecklenburg Lake District (Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte)

The first evidence that humans inhabited region of Müritz be around 15 to 17 thousand years.
Shortly after the last Weichsel-ice age the region was inhabited. Evidence can be found by visiting the Müritzeum in goods. Years ago, about 4 to 6 thousand people already inhabited the region Müritz, Tollense and Lake Kummerow. In addition to many barrows refer large megalithic life in this region.
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Unfortunately, many ancient monuments such as in not Möllenhagen
  devoted the necessary attention.


Megalithic grave No.437

Megalithic grave No.438


Grave mound
in Freidorf

Three mound graves
at Mollenstorf

Temple mount
at Krukow

The forgotten megalith grave
  in Möllenhagen

Small stones at Heister
Torgelow am See

Great Heister stones at
Torgelow am See

Grave mound
at Satow / Fünfseen

Megalithic grave 1  (Nr. 425)
on the road to

The "Great money mountain"
(Großer Geldberg)
at Klein Vielen

The "Small money mountain" (Kleiner Geldberg)
at Adamsdorf / Klein Vielen

Megalithic grave  at
Schamper Mill at Gotthun

Mound graves at Klein Luckow/Vollrathsruhe

Megalithic grave between Lexow and Hinrichsberg

Megalithic grave 1
 in Dambeck at Röbel

Megalithic grave No. 2
 in Dambeck at Röbel

Grave mound between 
 Satow  and Stuer

Stone boxes in Culture Park in Neubrandenburg

Grave mound "Wendenkönig"
high above Wustrow

Megalithic grave
ati Wendhof

Megalithic grave
at Spitzkuhn

Megalithic grave  "Fuchstannen" Bollewick

at Klein Dratow

Megalithic grave No.439

Grave mound
at Alt Rehse

Grave mound
on the Hüttenberg
at Groß Plasten

Grave mound at
Kraaser wood on border district

 Groß Plasten

Grave moundat Kargow
At the crossroads Oberschloen
and Schwastorf

Megalithic grave  north of Hinbergsee Kargow

Grave mounds in the paddock
east of Schliersee

Grave mound the lime kiln break
( Kalkofenbruch)
at Schwastorf  

Megalithic grave
at Faulenrost

Grave mound and Megalithic graves
ati Moltzow

Megalithic grave  Retzow  at
Mirow near the B 198

Im Park hinter dem Gutshaus links
Megalithic grave  1
in Leneé - Park of Basedow

Megalithic grave  2
in Leneé - Park of Basedow

Zugang Gaststätte etwa 1 km im Wald
Stone boxes in Heidewald at Viezenhof at Malchin

Birke beachten
Megalithic grave 3 (Nr. 427)
in a conservation at Grabowhöfe

Displaced person stonen in a conservation at Grabowhöfe

Ab Sparow 2 km hinter Badestelle
Megalithic grave at Sparow
not far from the lake Drewitzer

Megalithic grave  2 (Nr. 426)
in a conservation at Grabowhöfe

Grave mound right of the road from Peckatel to Hohenzieritz

Grave mound to Hohenzieritz

Ruined stone box at Langwitz municipality Schwinkendorf

Ruined stone box  Langwitz 1
municipality Schwinkendorf

Grave mound at Sapshagen
municipality Klocksin

Stone bowls in the wall of the cemetery Schönbeck
city Friedland / Mecklenburg

Stone bowls at Seedorf

municipality Basedow

Megalithic grave  
municipality Stuer

Grave mound Zahren
city Penzlin

Grave mound
the gravel pit Kargow

Grave mound group
in Kastorf Municipality
Hohen Demzin

Megalithic grave
in the forest of Hallalit
Municipality Vollrathsruhe

Megalithic grave
and giant bed
Kruckow 1 on the B110