Memorials, monuments,war grave
and trees of remembrance

Are unfortunately little attention trees and stones, the memory of people,
who achieved wichiges through her life's work.
People devote a stone or a tree.
Or it is reminiscent of a house as a synagogue,
or soldiers who have fallen in wars
but also victims of violence and displacement.
Commemoration but also to significant events in one place.

 To the dead to honor the survivors warning! 

Walter - Hackert - Oak
at Klein Vielen

 Walter Gotsmann-stone
on the Hellberge

Memorial stone
Kapitän Pflug Gedenkplatte
Memorial stones
in Neubrandenburg

and Reuter Memorial in Neubrandenburg

Memorial stone Peckatel
municipality Klein Vielen

Memorial stone
concentration camp
KZ Retzow-Waren

in Waren

Memorial stone
Warener synagogue


Adam-Stone in Adamsdorf
at Neustrelitz

Monument to the victims of the I. and II. world war in goods at Kietz

Memorial stone in Sülten
at Stavenhagen

Memorial stone Jürgenstorf
at Stavenhagen

Memorial stone 

Memorial obelisk
Alt Strelitz

The York-Blücher- monument
at Nossentin

Monument to the war
in France
1870-71 in Malchow

do gymnastics club Malchow
I. world war

Great monument war
in Malchow

Memorial obelisk

Memorial obelisk

Memorial stone in Kraase
municipality Möllenhagen

Memorial stone
in Deven
municipality Groß Plasten

Memorial stone

Memorial stone

I. und II. world war

Memorial stone farmers series
Gedenkstein Ernst Lübbert in Stavenhagen
Memorial stones Ernst Lübbert
and Stavenhagen and Neubrandenburg

Fritz-Reuter Memorial

Memorial Ritzerow war

Memorial stone  I. world war
Alt-Rehse /  city Penzlin

Monument war
Lübkow / city Penzlin

Memorial stone I. world war
Alt Schönau
municipality Peenehagen
Gedenkstein Pribbenow 750 Jahre 2010
Memorial stones Pribbenow
city Stavenhagen

Griese-Stone in Lehsten
municipality Möllenhagen

Memorial stone
I. world war in Wulkenzin

Memorial obelisk
for the war 1870-1871
Friedland /Mecklenburg

Memorial stone II. world war

Memorial stones Schönbeck
City Friedland/Mecklenburg

Memorial stone
Land consolidation method Siedenbollentin

Memorial stones
in Sietow

in Klocksin

Prince Obelisk
and memorial
on the Beyerplatz Penzlin

Monument victims Fascism


Gedenk-Eichen war

Klein Helle/Municipality Mölln

Memorial stone Schwandt

Memorial stone Groß Helle 
municipalit Mölln

Memorial stone to crash
a MIG 27 at Alt Garz

Memorial stones
in Vipperow

Soviet War Memorial in
the city garden Röbel

Four stones
in Röbel


Memorial stone 750 years
Kummerow at Malchin


Memorial stone expulsion
and violence Lübkow
city Penzlin

Memorial stone
Firemen Ankershagen

Fritz Reuter Memorial

Memorial stone   I. world war

Memorial stone Todesmarsch 1945
in Grabow
municipality Grabow-Below

Memorial stone war
in Grabow
municipality Grabow-Below

Memorial stones
I. and war

vor der Marienkirche Röbel

Memorial stone war


Memorial stone war
municipality Werder

Joseph von Maltzan

Memorial stone war
Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Memorial stone
land consolidation process
in Watzkendorf

Monument in Carwitz
Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Monument in Grünow
at Neustrelitz

Monument in Groß Vielen
city Penzlin

Death march Below Forest


Monument war
Golchen at Altentreptow

Memorial stone war
Ramelow/ city Friedland

Memorial obelisk was
in Reinberg / community Wolde

Memorial stone
Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher in Galenbeck at Friedland / Meckl.

Memorial obelisk
I.und war Bartow Bartow

Memorial obelisk in Breest
at Altentreptow

Lonely stone
in Roebel?

Memorial stone Schrammhof
Buchar city Altentreptow

Memorial Obelisk Pasenow
city Woldegk

Memorial cross in Golm
municipality Groß Miltzow

Memorial stone Lindow
municipality Groß Miltzow

Memorial War 1870-71
on the official Werder
(Amtswerder) Feldberg

Monument Fürstenwerder
municipality Nordwestuckermark

Hindenburg oak
the monument in 1815 Kreckow
 municipality Groß Miltzow

Monuments to the fallen
I. and II. world war in
Helpt / city Woldegk

Memorial stone II. world war
municipality Groß Miltzow

The grove of honor Woldegk
I. and war

Monument in Woldegk
for the war

Memorial Obelisk 1870
in Alt-Strelitz
city Neustrelitz

Monument on
 lake the city Teterow

Nemerower wood
city Neubrandenburg

Walking stick Monument
at Burg Schlitz / Kastorf
municipality Hohen Demzin

Ruin on the B108 at Kastorf / municipality Hohen Demzin

Memorial obelisk in Sommerstorf community Grabowhöfe

Memorial stone
Idar. Schaumburg Lippe at Kastorf / municipality Hohen Demzin

Memorial stone in Neukalen
on the market
battle at 01.02.1762

Memorial stone 

city Malchin

Memorial obelisk

Dargun I. War of the World

War memorial
Dargun Friedensplatz

Memorial Obelisk Jürgenstorf
distr Rostock

Memorial stone I. War of the World
Brudersdorf / town Dargun

Memorial stone for the victims of
persecution in Levin / town Dargun

Memorial Obelisk Levin
city Dargun

Memorial stone I. War of the World
in Fürstenhagen
local community
Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Memorial stone war

Memorial stone war
Hohen Wangelin

Memorial Soviet soldiers
in Penzlin

stone Penzlin

Three graves of
polish Workers under duress
cemetery Kargow


at Gross-Dratow

Polish Memorial cross
in Groß Vielen
city Penzlin

Memorial stone
land consolidation method
summer village on Kummerower See

Memorial stones Medrow
municipality Nossendorf

Memorial stone

country consolidation method
in Warrenzin

Grave cross 1945
cemetery Ankershagen

Monument Verchen
 at Demmin

War grave in Neuenkirchen
at Neubrandenburg

Settler's Stone in Hartwigsdorf
municipality of Klein Vielen

War grave in Ihlenfeld
municipality of Neuenkirchen

History of the wooden cross on the
cemetery Hartwigsdorf
municipality of Klein Vielen

Memorial world wars
In Dammwolde
community of Fincken

Memorial stone
700 years of Trollenhagen

German Soldier's Girdle
In Trollenhagen

Memorial Kambs
municipality of Bollewick

Memorial stone for Soviet soldiers
in Karchow / Municipality of Bütow


Memorial stone Sophienhof

city Loitz

Musician-Memorial stone
in Schmarsow
municipality of Kruckow

I. World War

Soviet memorial
in Burg Stargard

Soviet forced laborers
grave in Lapitz
municipality Kuckssee

Soviet memorial
in Zettemin

I. World War
in Zettemin

German soldier's grave
in Schwandt
municipality of Rosenow

Soviet Soldier's grave
in Wanzka
municipality of Blankensee

Soldier grave field in the forest
at Rodenskrug
municipality of Blumenholz

Monument World War I

Babke / City Mirow

Soviet court of honor

with monument I. World War
in Mirow

Memorial stone on
Grand Duke Gustav Adolf VI
at the chamber channel bridge
at Neustrelitz

Unknown grave
cemetery Peckatel
municipality of Klein-Vielen

Soldiers grave in Zirtow
city of Wesenberg

Memorial Retzow  
city of Rechlin

Memorial Groß Teetzleben
at Altentreptow

German soldier's girdle
in Blankensee

Monument I. world war
Schwinkendorf and
wood  grave plate

Memorial stone 
I. world
in Usadel

Memorial stone 700 years
from 2010 in Usadel

The Eugen-Geinitz-view
about Usadel

Memoral stone

in Cölpin

Memorial obelisk
for the victims of fascism
near Neustrelitz station